Live Sound & Lighting

We're proud to provide modern solutions to the problems every band faces. We understand that, in order to perform well, you need to feel comfortable on stage.  We also understand that it's hard to reach a comfortable stage volume without being too loud in the room. We provide innovative solutions to conquer stage volume and create a better experience for the audience out front.

We provide in ear monitors (IEMs) for all the musicians we work with so they can hear themselves better. We don't stop there, though. We record soundcheck and play it back so that our bands can adjust their own mixes to be perfect. We provide both wireless and wired IEM packs, 5-driver IEMs, and tablets for each person to mix their own monitors, allowing for full control of comfort on-stage.

In addition to our IEM solutions, we also provide acoustic panels that help to control stage volume. We use 4" Owens Corning 703 panels to absorb as much cymbal, amp, and monitor noise as possible. Less noise in the room means a cleaner mix out front and greater intelligibility; all the makings for a satisfied band and a satisfied crowd.

Of course no good show is complete without good lighting. While some may shine colored lighting in your face, we take a more theatrical approach. We use variable white LED fixtures to create a great looking white light on our musician's faces. All the color comes from side and rear washes, as well as moving heads for bigger shows.

As far as the rest of our lighting, we are always innovating. The photos below say it all. Whether it's traditional pars on a rear-truss, uplighting, or a whole wall of LEDs, we're always on the cutting edge.