Gumness / Ross Wedding

Bobbi Gumness, Bride - The Gumness Family, Oshkosh WI

Having Steve as our DJ for our special day was such an honor and we could not have asked for a better one. Steve comes prepared, experienced, and independent. Our venue was at a barn and barely indoors. Steve took care of all of the equipment, cords, microphones, and music throughout the whole day with no trouble! As the bride, I had a million things on my mind that I was worried about and focused on through the day, but Steve was not one of them. I knew with his knowledge and experience, he would be able to have everything ready and set up without a hitch. He was able to mic our outdoor ceremony, stealthily moved into the barn for the reception, and also was set up outside for the dance portion. All of which sounded amazing, had no troubles or mishaps, and he knew exactly how to position himself so he wasn't getting in the way of photos. I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for a DJ. His expertise and understanding stood out among the rest and made our day perfect.

Church Speaker Install

Tony Gorges, Technology Director - The Mission Church, Appleton WI

Point Source Productions worked with us in getting a PA system for our church and I could not be happier with the results. I worked with three other companies to try and get a proper PA system that worked in both sound and budget, without results. Steve came in under budget with better sound and even coverage. Steve also took care of the accessories and little details that are often overlooked. I would highly recommend Steve and Point Source Productions to anyone.

Plymouth Cheese Capital Family Music Fest

Mary Hauser, Executive Director - Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, Plymouth WI

Thank you for your professionalism and expert handling of our event on Saturday. We have had such an overwhelming response to our event that we have already put it on the schedule and have band commitments from 2 of the 4 groups to come back. Would you be willing to come back as our sound guy at our 2020 event?

Face For Radio

Drew Ahlborg, Guitar and Vocals - Face For Radio, Appleton WI

Steve is a shape shifter superhero as a sound guy. He can mold his setup to any room he is in, wedges or ears or both, he has the tools to make everyone comfortable on stage. Consummate professional with an impeccable ear for the room and is a true passionate professional about the product he’s amplifying from the stage.

Tour Prep

Zach Williams, Singer Songwriter & Producer - Dead Eyes, Baltimore MD

Steve is an absolute wizard. Being a FOH engineer myself there aren’t a lot of people that I’ll ask for advice and Steve is one of them. I was having trouble with my bands in ear rig and he walked me through every step of the problem, even making me a new template for my mixer to make things that much easier. We probably couldn’t have done the tour without his help and I am forever grateful.


Andrew VanDusen, Lead Vocals & Guitar - Doozey, Appleton WI

Steve is an absolute delight to work with. Whatever you need, he's got. Not only is he incredibly handsome, but he is one of the most intelligent human beings I have ever met. You want the highest quality in sound and light production? Look no further!

Blader / Klein Wedding

Brandi Blader, Bride - The Blader Family, Oshkosh WI

Steve was very affordable and had an amazing set up with lights and his booth. He was professional, on time, and was flexible with our needs. He took song requests and even MC’d for us at the last minute. Steve is knowledgeable and does the job right!

Model Citizens

Crystal Lynn, Lead Vocals -Model Citizens, Appleton WI

Amazing production team!! They made it so easy for us from start to finish. Flawless sound and lights!! Hope to work with Point Source again, soon. Thanks again!!

Mile of Music

Anonymous - Appleton, WI

It is tremendous to me how production affects the Mile experience... Shout out to Point Source Productions, as our crew ate a ton at The Bar on The Ave because the service was awesome. We saw everything from full on face-melting rock, to eclectic alien hippy noise, and it all sounded great and was full without being painfully loud. We also saw two other line array setups that sounded like the band was playing in a cave.

Carlson / McCaslin Wedding

Jed Carlson, Groom - The Carlson Family, Oshkosh WI

Point Source Productions DJ’d and MC’d our wedding ceremony and reception! The owner, Steve, was a great MC! He was engaging and funny as all could be. He asked for a list of our favorite songs and played them all! Did a great job queuing up the ceremony too! Real great to work with- top notch service.

Fifth Ward Brewing Summer Music Series

Dominick Janzer, Bass and Lead Vocals - The $2 Tall Boys, Hartford WI

With Point Source handling the sound and lights, playing out is a breeze! I've played several shows with Steve at the helm and he never disappoints. He has the best gear, and best of all, knows how it works. He will never experiment at the gig. He has wedges and in-ears for monitoring, records your sound check to allow you to adjust your own monitor mix via iPad. Honestly, If I know Point Source Productions is running the sound, I would play for free. It is THAT good!

BlackBelt YelloBelli

Greg Ashauer, Drums - BlackBelt YelloBelli, Appleton WI

Steve was a pleasure to work with and was able to provide a good solid sound even in a smaller venue which can be challenging. Thanks!

Church Sound

Jesse Coonen, Creative Associate Pastor - Life Church, De Pere WI

Steve, isn’t just someone who knows how to push faders and button’s. I appreciate his curiosity and aptitude to learn HOW things are the way they are and uses that to fuel greater understanding to get great results. His approach to live audio and production is no different! Not to mention people like working with him. Highly recommend.


Kurtis Merkes, Guitar and Vocals - Marblehead, Appleton WI

Does a fantastic job every time! No complaints!

Oshkosh Main Street Music Festival

Casey Gallenberger, Videographer & Marketing - Fusia, Oshkosh WI

Steve is one of the most entrepreneurial folks in the local music scene. Since I do video and photo work for bands, I've seen his work firsthand at a number of shows. The lighting truly makes a difference for the live experience and sets the band up for an experience that feels next-level. Of course, the sound is great as well. It's obvious he has invested a lot into his craft and it's no surprise to see business is taking off.

Nature: The Band

Hunter Hildebrandt, Lead Vocals & Guitar - Nature: The Band, Oshkosh WI

Steve is by far one of the most competent sound men in the area, and his ability to listen in and hone a band's sound without ever stepping on any toes is remarkable. And of course he's one in a million due to his love of the job and the absence of the typical "crabby soundguy" trope that permeates this side of the business.

Restless Leg String Band

Brian Iles, Biggest Fan - Restless Leg String Band, Lexington KY

Steve did sound for Restless Leg String Band at Short Branch Saloon tonight and everything he did was top notch. From installing new speakers in the venue, helping Jonny B fix his banjo and making my favorite band sound like they’re supposed to sound! Highly recommend.

Audio Console Install

Colin Deeg, Owner - Deeg Entertainment, Menasha WI

Steve was very professional and explained everything with ease and was a pleasure to work with and learn from. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to update their audio or lighting needs. All across the spectrum from bars to church’s.